Course Syllabus

PHYS 352 Syllabus 17-18 canvas-1.pdf

Here is the "public" website, here are the instructions, and here, in particular, is the contract and advice to advisers

For Assignment details, look at the "Assignments" module.  Note that the percentage for each task is given.  Sub-tasks have different numbers of possible points.  The total points for each task are added to give the total points for that task.

FAQ with mouse-over Frequently Given Answers (FGA)

Can I choose my own research project for Senior Project?

Do I have to separate my Senior Project from other tasks work courses?

Can I continue research work I have already started (such as an REU) for my senior project?

Who can be the adviser for Senior projects?

Does my adviser have to be on campus or in Cleveland?

Can I get paid for work I do for my senior project?

Course Summary:

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